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About the Company

With more than 30 years of experience in the professional sound , Clear Lake Audio develops products under the philosophy, "The shortest path gives the cleanest sound".

Following this philosophy, Our company works with most advanced technology to create real word systems, that do not require add-ons, This is achieved now with high resolution class D amplifiers, applicable to studio monitors and High-End Speakers, digital  power supplies with power factor corrector to self adjust from 96v to 236 volts,  and a damping factor suitable for each application, In our system amplifiers are specially calibrated for the acoustic components of each model. Our goal is to get the clearest, cleanest sound with the most straight forward connection between components under the philosophy of a minimalist system.

Our speakers are meticulously manufactured to strict design tolerances in Clear Lake Audio factory. This level of control allows to us to acquire high degrees of consistency and reliability, which pay many benefits. Line arrays system depend on consistency from element to element to achieve an optimal performance

In addition, the cabinets are sturdly built from Baltic Birch with interlocking -dado system construction demonstrating great rigidity and reinforced by its aerial mount system unique to CLAUD. Our highly resistant Polyurea finish or our black polyurethane finish both of steel metallic screens with electrostatic paint and a poroflex  outerscreen which prevents dust accumulation and will stand up to high humidity conditions.

Clear Lake Audio is committed to innovation and the development of high-quality products. The R&D department employs highly qualified professionals allowing the company to undertake ambitious projects and compete with the best

Designed and built in Houston Texas, USA, using the best components available for differents places in the world within strictly parameters of quality control, With that we can guarantee any Clear Lake Audio product against any defect in craftsmanship.

Our Loudspeaker designs allow to the user to use even in stand alone applications live or recorded sound, giving to the venue a clean and clear coverage 



We got involved with Clear Lake Audio about 4 years ago when we moved into our new church. Needed a whole sound system and they came to the rescue. The equipment is great and sounds even better. The installation was done professionally and in timely manner. When I have a question about a piece of the equipment or need service, they have the answer and or come out when in 2 days. They are professional and friendly at the same time. If you have a question and they can't answer it right then, they will call you back with the answer....GREAT bunch of guys. When I need to upgrade or update they will be the ones I will call.


John Mallory
Audio-World Harvest Outreach SDA Church

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